Preparing Your Own Meals Helps Burn Calories


In recent studies, it has been observed that the risk for obesity have increased in adults in the past decade. One of the reasons for this increase is the widespread availability of fast food chains. This is not to say that all fast food chains offer junk or unhealthy foods. Because most people opt for ready-to-eat food, they forget  to check the nutritional benefits in the food they eat. Nowadays, people rarely go for the healthier food choices because, in most cases, it takes time to prepare and cook.

However, if you are in need of a diet plan or want to find out ways to burn calories other than exercising, you will be glad to know that cooking, in fact, helps burn calories. You don’t need to cook all day long or even cook every day to lose that unused energy – even just cooking a few times a week can already help.

How Does Cooking Burn Calories?

Even though there are kitchenware that make cooking easier, the process of preparing your meal already engages you in a lot of manual activities. Dicing, chopping, slicing, walking from your refrigerator or counter to your stove, standing, sifting, stirring – all these make your body move, and use up and burn energy.

Another good thing about cooking is that you are able to choose the ingredients and type of food you put in your meal recipe. This means you can find a low-calorie meal that includes ingredients that are high in nutrients. Or you can decide on ingredient substitutes with nutrients that suit your diet and still enjoy the meal just the same. There are plenty of low-calorie recipes that you can make right in your own kitchen.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Whilst Cooking?

According to a study conducted by the Harvard Medical School, doing simple home activities can burn calories. The amount of calories burned depends on the weight of the person and the amount of time spent on these activities. In their study, 30 minutes of cooking can burn 75 calories for a 125-pound person. In general, you can burn anywhere around 17 to 100 calories, in a 15-minute to 1-hour cooking routine. Other home activities that can burn calories include sleeping, watching TV, playing with kids, and cleaning.


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