Why It is Important to Stay Physically Active in Your 50s

It is often said that the older you get, the weaker and more fragile you become. While there is truth to this, it also has something to do with the way you choose to live your 50s (and beyond).

Being at this age, you begin to feel aches in various body parts like those that you’ve never experienced before – at least not during your youth. A sudden movement and it’s as though your joints start creaking and your tendons are stretched way too much that they begin to strain.

These are the common reasons why many older adults think they should avoid too much movement and exerting strength, even if that meant missing out on their exercise routine. And long jogs? Prolonged standing or walking? Who still has the stamina and endurance for those when your body is already ageing?

And exercising? In your 50s? That seems more troublesome than beneficial.

…Or that’s what you think.

Why Exercise Matters More Now



First, you should realise that exercising knows neither age nor gender. It can be done by anyone at any age, so there is no such thing as ‘being too late or too old for exercise.’ The benefits remain the same no matter which age you start. You just have to find out which types of exercises will work best for you.

During your younger years, it was easier to get involved in physical activities, whether you intend it to be an exercise or not. You lifted things around, carried a heavy basket or bag, rode the bike for kilometres, or walked around the neighbourhood without feeling easily tired.

As you grow older, it would seem as though your strength is slowly being taken away so you may end up living a more sedentary lifestyle. But truth is, the more you don’t move, the more you will feel weak. And the more active you are, the stronger your bones, muscles and entire body becomes.

Helps Maintain Healthy Weight

As with any age, exercise can help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Especially around your older years, there are higher chances of being underweight or overweight not only to nutritional causes, but because of the lack of physical activities. Getting back to training and working out will mean getting back to shaping up. And we all the benefits of having a healthy weight!

Reduces Risk of Illnesses

Physical activities can help regulate your blood pressure and blood circulation, and promote cardiovascular function, among others. With all these, you have lower risk for developing illnesses, and even if you have certain health conditions, exercising can even help improve your health.

Improves Balance, Strength, Mobility and Stamina

Weight-bearing exercises and strength training can both improve your balance (and reduce the risk of falling!), mobility and stamina. Remember, the more you exercise, the stronger your body gets.

So is it like getting the benefits of exercising during your prime years? Definitely, it’s a lot like that.


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